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Coppola’s will forever be Villascotta’s in my mind, the pizzeria at the end of a small strip mall where teams went after soccer matches to get tall sodas and huge pizzas dripping with oil and hot cheese. It’s busy for lunch and busy for dinner, even when the tiny town had one or two other pizzerias. Villascotta’s had the pizza to which all other pizzas were compared. But times change, and the pizzeria expanded and morphed into Coppola’s – pizzeria on one side, and nice sit-down Italian restaurant on the other side that’s often used for high school graduation dinners or a nice dinner out. It was a good renovation.

My husband is puzzled as to why I like NJ pizza so much. It’s not gourmet pizza, so what’s the big deal? I answer thusly: A good pizza is a combination of many factors. Coppola’s crust is thin, chewy, and firm and still soft enough to chew. The crust is never greasy or burned or soggy. The sauce is tasty, of the right quantity, and is spread to a good part of the crust. Next comes just the right amount of flavorful cheese, then generous toppings. When it comes out of the oven, the cheese is hot and stringy and the huge slices have to be at least half folded to keep the cheese from sliding off. Some pat their slices with paper napkins, or fold their slices completely in half to create a calzone, but I say that the oils are meant to be savored and if I wanted a calzone, I’d have ordered one.

And that is why NJ has the best pizzeria pizza.

590 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974, USA


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A good pizza is all about the toppings, sauce, crust, and cheese – in that order. Dei Compari doesn’t quite respect these portions – too little sauce, could have used more topping. But close enough – at least the crust was thin and crispy.

The resto layout is a little odd, as there is a dining area by the window facing Saint-Denis and then an additional dining area below. We sat in the back of the front area, which gave me a nice view of the cook assembling pizza after pizza after pizza. One pizza is just about right for one person. Service can be rather slow – we finally got up and paid downstairs in order to leave – and while the decor and paper placemats are educational regarding Italy’s geography, this is a typical, no-frills university town resto.

Metro: Berri-UQAM

1668 Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Émery

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This is a popular student hangout more for its cozy ambiance and good fries – burning hot and dry as a bone – than for its pizza. The crust is too thick and excessive cheese blankets the toppings like a heavy, tar-like blanket. Still, there’s a tv in the corner, the service and pricing is decent, and it’s one of the closest off-campus dining options.

metro: McGill

625 Rue Milton and Rue Aylmer

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Dominos delivered quickly after an online order, though perhaps the pizza could have been a little hotter. Quality is similar to what I sampled in RI. Thin crust is thin enough, though there wasn’t enough “normal” quantity sauce.


634 Rue St. Jacques O. at Rue Gauvin

metro: Square Victoria

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