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Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a prevalent decline in the Tatami experience. Back in the winter, they told us that our vegetable tempura was burned because the regular chef had gone back to Asia to be with family for a while…and they weren’t sure if she was coming back. I don’t know if she ever did come back, but unfortunately the vegetable tempura has not recovered and we no longer order it. While the sushi is still up to par, they have too few servers and service is almost unbearably slow; this is not a resto to visit if you’re in a rush. Also, I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of populated fish tank tables – perhaps this is merely part of their cycle, but I’m disappointed that I never got to experience the interactive fish of table #4. Because of the lack of servers and the simultaneously burned and undercooked tempura, I would only recommend this if you absolutely must have sushi in Old Montreal and you have a lot of time to kill.

metro: Place d’Armes

140 rue Notre-Dame Ouest and Rue Saint-François Xavier


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This mediocre sushi restaurant in downtown Portland was rated subpar for two major reasons:

Reason 1: Mystery food. My pickle salad appetizer had pickled daikon, pickled ginger, and a mass of mysterious beet-dyed pickled slivers that I thought might be pickled plums. It didn’t taste bad, but I prefer informed eating. The waitress didn’t know what it was, the cooks couldn’t identify it – I was going to have to wait for the manager to come back for identification. As the manager hadn’t returned by the time I was ready to leave, I’ll never know.

Reason 2: Bad rice. It’s glaringly obvious when rice is poorly cooked, and the rice here was gluey and unpleasant in my mouth. The fact that it was slightly warm under each piece of fish, which I usually prefer in sushi dishes, did not help the fact that it was overcooked using too much water.

606 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205-3401 USA

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It was a cold, rainy week night when I decided to go out for sushi instead of cook for myself after a long, grueling day. I entered this sushi resto with low expectations, thinking that due to its location on the corner of the Notre Dame Basilica it would be a dingy tourist trap. The experience, repeated a few days later, turned out to be quite pleasant.

Many of the tables in this small resto are actually perched on top of individual fish tanks. As one dines, one can observe the brightly colored fish hang out mere inches below the plates. Although dining alone, I was sufficiently amused with observing my own personal fish during my meal.

Sushi and sashimi were beautifully presented on charming dishes with fresh, ripe fruit – strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and a single ground cherry. The sushi rice was just above room temperature, which greatly added to the culinary experience. So many low-end sushi joints don’t understand that such rice should never be served chilled. This was more of a mid-range resto, though snobs might complain that it isn’t “authentic” sushi (the resto is mostly Chinese-run).  The cooked fish were hot and freshly seared, and one can hear the sizzle and smell the savory, smokey odors emanating from the nearby kitchen. Ice cream portions were generous. Service was personable and efficient.

metro: Place d’Armes

140 Rue Notre Dame O. and Rue de Callière

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The best sushi I’ve had in a while, countered by truly terrible service. I had put my name down one busy Friday evening, and when my husband walked in first they basically told him to go away and they couldn’t find my name. Anyways, we did manage to get space at the sushi bar, though the service was extremely slow and you basically had to grab a server in order to get anything.

The sushi and non-sushi appetizers were inspired – even the sushi combo, which is usually a generic assortment of tuna, salmon, and shrimp had a caviar piece, octopus, and some kind of mix of crunchy tempura bits. Eel pastry with dragon sauce was excellent, as was the fried eggplant served in broth. I ordered sake for the hell of it, and saw them microwave the decanter before serving it to me. I’ve only tasted sake a couple of times, and wasn’t impressed this time, either, though I will say that the decanter kept the watery sake warm like tea for an impressive amount of time.

There were many screaming, partying college students out for a good time on the street outside and the interior decor doesn’t even make an attempt at ambiance. Note the small selection of Japanese snacks available for purchase at the register.

3469 Ave. du Parc at Rue Milton

Metro: Place des Arts

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