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I’ll admit to not really understanding small gourmet boutique shops, possibly because, being from the NJ suburbs, gourmet shops are often mega gourmet supermarkets like Wegmans and Whole Foods. Fou d’Ici has a limited selection of gourmet, often all-natural and expensively packaged grocery items, cheeses, butcher, seafood, as well as a small pastry dessert counter and hot and cold prepared foods counter. Shelves only have a few items, neatly and evenly spaced apart. I’ve had good experiences with the overpriced mini cannoli and Petits Gateaux cupcakes.

The other day, I found myself at a meeting not too far from Fou d’Ici, and stopped in for one of their prepared sandwiches for lunch. To my surprise, it was quite enjoyable, and worth the price (just over $6 after taxes). The buttery and delicate salmon had been nicely seasoned with a strong black pepper, and was put together with tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise in a soft sesame seed-encrusted bun. There are small tables and chairs inside of the store, and a line of nearby professionals waiting for the hot taco station.

Metro: Place des Arts

360, boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest and Rue de Bleury


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One ritual that my husband and I have is to immediately follow a visit to St-Viateur Bagel on Mont-Royal with a visit to Petits Gâteaux, a small cupcake boutique that just happens to be on the way to the metro from St-Viateur. Petits Gâteaux looks very girly, with its pink logo and adorable globes of frosting, but don’t fear the frill. No man, woman, or child could pass up these delectable cupcakes, which are everything that a cupcake should be and more. That’s right – they taste every bit as good as they look, from the moist little bits of cake to the creamy swirls or puffpalls of frosting topped with a pinch of garnish.

I recommend sampling the mini cupcakes instead of going for the regular-sized ones. Why? Because you can eat more of them, that’s why! My favorites are the chocolate – which is just chocolate enough – and the coffee. Be prepared to wait in line. It’s not always possible to sit down, so be prepared to take your cupcakes to go.

Metro: Mont-Royal

783 Avenue du Mont Royal Est at

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